YouTube has apparently lost its patience waiting for users to finally sign up for YouTube Premium.

About half of YouTube Premium non-subscribers on the beta end of an A/B test opened the app on Tuesday to a profanity-laced upgrade ad, which read “Just sign up for f***king Premium already, you miserable c***s.” The headline was accompanied by a pill-shaped call-to-action button reading simply, “Try it free!”

YouTube Chief Marketing Officer Alexander Dugan explained the new approach to SN.

“We have a motto at YouTube which is very simple: there are no bad ideas, and test everything. Which is the second motto…we have TWO mottos at YouTube.”

Dugan continued, “We’ve tried empathy, we’ve tried reverse psychology. But you know the one thing we haven’t tried? An ad hominem approach. We think there’s real potential in this particular strategy.

If our platform has taught us anything, it’s that unfettered rage really resonates with people. So, we’re hoping to capitalize on that.”