New Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino made waves this week as she sent her first company-wide email. Today, she announced innovations pertaining to Twitter’s advertising packages with the addition of a twirling sign guy placement.

“We’re excited about the energy this brings to our ad packages. Raul is fantastic, he can do it all. He can spin it on his finger, he can do kick flips, he can do behind the back. There isn’t a move advertisers have dreamed up that Raul has’t mastered.”

When asked why a company like Twitter—which was recently evicted from its Denver, Colorado office space for lack of payment—would move into the physical ad space, Mrs. Yaccarino extolled the virtues of innovative thinking.

“Twitter is in a rut, okay? And Twitter 2.0 is a different Twitter, an INNOVATIVE Twitter. And innovation knows no bounds.”

Twitter has seen its advertising revenues drop in recent quarters, apparently prompting the embattled tech giant to think outside of the box to attract advertisers back to its platform.

“We’re toying with the idea adding blow up tube men, you know the inflatable ones that wave in the air? Those are fun. Banner Buzz has them for pretty cheap, too. We might add direct mailers to the mix. The world is our oyster!” the new CEO concluded.