Meet Bark Twain, a seasoned seventeen-year-old golden retriever from Bloomington, Minnesota. Concerned about his slowing pace, owner Leslie Hamilton decided to try The Farmer’s Dog food.

After just a week, Bark embarked on a remarkable transformation. Hamilton awoke to a face she had seen before, about seventeen years ago to be exact.

After munching on The Farmer’s Dog, Bark’s graying fur regained its glossy shine, and his sluggishness was replaced with boundless energy. Now, the seventeen-year-old pooch joyfully chews on tennis shoes and lunges at other dogs during walks, embracing the puppyhood he thought he had left behind.

The only downside? Hamilton is on the search for a new vet after her vet of over 30 years has said he does not take on any clients who do that “weird Barbra Streisand dog cloning shit.”