Marketing guru Seth Goden is finally retiring the purple cow concept which made him famous nearly two decades ago.

“It’s just tired. And I’m not sure people really got it, at least not all of them. Some people thought I meant they actually should put a purple cow in their ads or brand. I’m seeing purple cows everywhere now. There’s that laughing cow cheese…”

Mr. Goden was reminded by the interviewer that the Laughing Cow cheese logo contains a red rather than purple cow.

“Oh, really? Well it’s still super cow-forward. And then there’s that new cannabis company, they’re actually CALLED Purple Cow. So, you know, it’s time for a new metaphor. And so today, I’m debuting 2023’s purple cow: the orange sheep. Still livestock, which is good, and still a secondary rather than primary color, so you know, the metaphor still works.”