One mortgage broker is drawing backlash for its innovative approach to perpetually rising home loan interest rates: the lifetime mortgage.

Delaware-based Infinity Mortgages announced the new promotion via PR Newswire on Friday, and intends to launch a digital campaign on TikTok and Instagram early next week.

“One of the barriers to homeownership for many young homebuyers is the size of the monthly payment. The lifetime mortgage is perfect medicine: we’ll give you basically whatever monthly payment you want, and you agree to pay off your house for the rest of your life.” said Chief Product Officer Sally Cornfeld.

“We looked at it,” Cornfeld continued, “and we said, ‘Why are we even capping the term in the first place?’ Your average first-time homebuyer is in their mid-30s, and your average lifespan is close to 80, so that’s, on average, nearly five decades of mortgage payments. The economics work out well for everyone.”

The executive added that there are caveats to the deal.

“The deal is ONLY for first-time homebuyers. Also, if you live past 80, the rate gets jacked up on your 81st birthday. The details haven’t tamped down excitement about the new product, though. For many Americans, this might be their only shot of getting into a home.”