On Tuesday, a glowing review of the popular cookie delivery service Tiff’s Treats created a rift between one chocolate chip cookie lover and her grandmother.

“Best chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever had,” read the review by Kenzy Watlow, submitted to the popular review site Yelp. “Super soft and warm. Just gooey enough. Even better than my grandma’s,” the effusive review continued.

“Wow! I had no idea you were so easily impressed,” user KenzysGrandma sarcastically replied in a subsequent one-star review.

“Let’s see, they have a commercial kitchen, they get super low prices on some of the best raw ingredients known to man. And your grandfather still hasn’t fixed my Kitchenaid, so I’ve had to whisk everything BY HAND for the last couple of Christmases,” the review continued.

“Not to mention, these assembly line cookies aren’t made with an OUNCE of love,” the review concluded.

Tiff’s Treats declined an interview request, but commented via email, “Not to throw gas on the fire, but love is actually our secret ingredient.”