Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has taken to Twitter to share his latest groundbreaking venture: the launch of his very own space zoo.

The decision came quickly after an unintended autocorrect mishap during a text exchange with his new fiancé, who suggested he should “put his monkey where his mouth is,” before a planned week of gambling in Oklahoma. Oblivious to the technological glitch, Bezos embarked on a mission to create a zoo beyond our earthly confines without pause, but with some paws.

The ambitious space zoo project aims to house various creatures and according to Bezos the only thing that will differ from a zoo on earth is, “the monkeys will not be allowed to throw their poop and another thing….no wristbands upon entry!!!!!” Although this endeavor was birthed from a misunderstanding, this isn’t the first time. In an inclusive interview with SN, Bezos claims he was merely “attempting to send a birthday card to an old friend” when he created Amazon.

*Please note, the interview with Mr. Bezos was originally much more extensive; however, it had to be abbreviated unexpectedly due to an incident involving a microphone malfunction caused by Mr. Bezos banging on his chest rapidly.