In a surprising twist for the sleep industry, mattress-maker Purple has a new logo—and name.

The world was introduced to Fuchsia early Tuesday morning via a post on Instagram.

CMO Dawn Allen says the rebrand is a part of a broader vision for the category: “Fuchsia opens up a whole spectrum of possibilities. Fuchsia can go where ‘Purple’ couldn’t,” the executive proclaimed.

“Purple was a mattress company, and mattress companies are limited.

For instance, take your standard Memorial Day sale. That’s always a big one for mattress brands, and it was for Purple. Well, guess what? As Fuchsia, we can do promos on Labor Day, Thanksgiving, New Years, we even have some ideas percolating for Flag Day and some of the lesser-known ones, like Back to the Future Day and National Bittersweet Chocolate Day.

Fuchsia makes all of this possible. Fuchsia is the realization of a VISION.”

At this point in the interview, Ms. Allen began breathing heavily and asked to take a five minute break.