On Tuesday, the Professional Golfer’s Association of America (also known as the PGA) announced that, as part of its merger with the Saudi-backed LIV Golf tour, it would be adopting a new acronym and making some much-needed logo updates.

“Actually, the acronym ‘PGA’ isn’t changing. What’s changing is what PGA stands for,” said PGA commissioner Jay Monahan while wearing a graphic t-shirt containing the silhouette of a golfer and the words, “I’d rather be gulfing.”

“We’ve been trying to update golf for a long time. We’re not just old rich white guys playing with our sticks and balls, okay? We’re more than that. We’ve long needed to update with the changing tides of consumer tastes, and this opportunity to re-position makes that possible.”

When asked if the concession to the upstart LIV tour goes too far, Monahan tried to downplay the modification.

“Look, it’s a teeny, tiny change. I’m not even sure people read those microscopic words around the outside of the logo. I’d bet 85% of our fans won’t even notice.” the golf executive proclaimed.