Growth on the Metaverse platform has been slower than executives would like, so they’re resorting to a 2023 take on an old tactic: a land giveaway.

The Metaverse’s nearly 70 intermittently active users were notified Monday of the impending digital land grant.

“We’ve heard from users that nothing instills a sense of pride like owning your own land, and since many of our users have given up hope of ever owning a real home, we thought this was the perfect way to increase attention retention and draw in new users,” said Meta’s chief product officer Dane Kilroy.

Dane continued, “We’re starting with places like West Virginia and South Dakota. Depending on the response, we might even make some land in southeast Oklahoma available. High-end plots in California will not be eligible for the Metaverse real estate giveaway.”

It should be noted that all Metaverse plots sitting directly adjacent to CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse mansion remain vacant.