Since recently beginning the hit 90s sitcom “Friends,” Mark Thompson, a local father of three, has embarked on a mission to become the ultimate host before the year’s end.

When Smarketing News reached out, he exclaimed, “I feel like nobody has seen this show. Has anyone seen this show? They’re always together, always with their friends! That’s gonna be me.” Inspired only by the sense of community the NYC gang has, Thompson made a jaw-dropping purchase: a whopping 63-piece sectional from Joybird.

Joybird acknowledges that this is their largest order to date, with delivery expected around the end of November, 2024. The extravagant request left Joybird’s sales representatives dumbfounded, struggling to comprehend the need for such an excessive number of sectional pieces for a single individual.

Nevertheless, Thompson remains undeterred by skepticism and unwavering in his pursuit of hosting perfection, adding “Superbowl? Here. Christmas party? Here. Groundhog day? Take a wild guess!”

As Thompson eagerly awaits the delivery, the practicality of his purchase comes under scrutiny. We interviewed his wife to gauge her opinion on the matter, and she quipped, “Mark has had the same five friends since college. I don’t know who he is planning on hosting.”