At the U.S OPEN press conference, Jordan Spieth took a detour from golf discussions to deliver an unexpected message: “My message to the U.S? Open your oven!”

Spieth continued, “We have too many delivery meals, microwavable meals. That’s the problem with our country. That’s the root of it. Once we get our meals back into the oven, we’ll be back up and runnin.” He smirks at his almost accidental rhyming. Then mouths, “Did you get that?” to the camera operator from ESPN.

Spieth eagerly expressed his anticipation to return to using his June oven, his Father’s Day gift this year. Spieth notes his belief that “the oven works best in the month it was named after, and that month is almost over!” Turning to his caddy, you can hear Spieth ask, “How much longer are we out here today? I’ve got a lasagna in my hotel fridge.”

As journalists chuckled and puzzled looks were exchanged, Spieth continued, “When things aren’t easy out on the course, I just think, what would my June do? Stay hot. That’s the only way to keep making this bread.”