A question that nearly all remote workers are familiar with asking got an unusual response early Monday morning at the Austin coffee shop Palamino.

Right before your Monday morning meeting—and just after your week’s first latte kicked in—you asked the person sitting across from if you they would watch your stuff while you used the restroom.

At first, the query garnered no response. The young man, after all, was wearing air pods at the moment in question. Maybe he didn’t hear you?

You asked again, a little louder.

This time, your neighbor looked at you, shook his head, and uttered a single word: “No.”

Unsure if he actually understood the question, you asked once more.

The young man, who looked like a graphic designer—or at least like he probably has a Udemy account—then picked up his things and moved to a table farther away from you.

You ultimately ended up having to take your first meeting from the restroom with sound and video disabled.

It was unclear if the respondent was just having a bad day or if he’s always a dick.

This is a breaking story which will be updated as new details emerge.