In a shocking display of bipartisanship, US Congress announced on Wednesday that it would be signing up for the regular email marketing newsletter of small business finance app Collective.

“The bill still needs senate approval, but we’re fairly confident we’ve got the votes to push it through. Big picture, we’re excited to lean into the support of some experts to help get this country’s back office in order. That’s a need we can all agree on,” said senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer.

When asked whose email address Congress would be using to subscribe, Senator Schumer equivocated.

“Look, there are still some details that need to get worked out, and those will be ironed out in committee. We’ve toyed with the idea of adding an entirely new email address, something like with a really simple password so that all of the congresspeople can access it. But we’ll get there.”

When asked how the 118th Congress decided on Collective, Schumer said, “We had our interns do a bit of research, and they found them somehow. Their tagline is ‘The first online back office platform designed for Businesses-of-One to help keep finances in order.’ Well, that’s what the United States is, a business–and a nation—of one. UNITED.”