Those who have been forced to choose between chore time and mental health time are rejoicing as the popular housekeeping (and chores) app Spruce has added a surprising twist to its suite of lifestyle service offerings: licensed clinical therapy.

SN had a chance to catch up with head of product and marketing Elizabeth Delgado.

“At Spruce, we place an emphasis on putting people first. It’s actually our #1 value. And during a recent product roadmap brainstorm, we asked ourselves, ‘What are some other problems besides dirty dishes and dusty lamps that we can help solve for people?’ Well, this idea came up, and we just couldn’t escape it, so we’re rolling it out.”

Ms. Delgado clarified that the new service can be secured in one of two ways: users can either order an LPC-S (Licensed Professional Counselor) in addition to their regular cleaning, or for an additional fee, customers can choose a combo service where a therapist cleans their home while helping them work through their childhood trauma.

“With the first option, the housekeeping vendor is required to wear earplugs. For HIPAA reasons, of course.”