A graphic designer in search of the font used in Tito’s Handmade Vodka’s logo was discovered without clothes and muttering to himself in East Austin on Thursday afternoon.

“Apostrophe’s not right, apostrophe’s not right, apostrophe’s not right…” Cole Martin, the disrobed creative, could be heard repeatedly saying while wandering aimlessly on E. 6th St.

Kelcey Moreland, an art director and one of Mr. Martin’s colleagues, cleared some things up for SN.

“We were making a birthday card for one of our media people, who’s a big Tito’s fan, and someone had the fun idea to set the type of the card in the same font as the Tito’s logo. Cole volunteered, and then had some trouble getting a definitive answer.”

Ms. Moreland continued, “He tells everyone he’s a ‘font guy,’ so I know it really bothered him that he wasn’t able to figure it out.”

So, Apple Chancery? Lucida Calligraphy? Which is it? According to Moreland, the answer is still unclear.

“The ‘T’ for Chancery and Lucida are nearly identical. The lowercase ‘i’ more closely resembles that of Lucida, but the apostrophe must have been where Cole really went crazy. Have you seen Tito’s apostrophe? It’s nowhere close to Lucida.”

Tito’s didn’t respond to to a request for comment, but shortly after, published a cryptic tweet containing a GIF of Brittany Murphy from the 2001 film Don’t Say a Word, overlaid with the caption, “I’ll never tell…”