Figma’s SVP of legal announced on Wednesday a plan to make the design software’s terms of service even more confusing and difficult to understand than before.

“We’ve had a lot of luck growing our usership by making the process of adding seats to your account so easy and seamless, you can almost do it by accident. With this new TOS design, people won’t have any idea what they’re agreeing to, which should unshackle our ability to grow this business.”

When asked to clarify, the counselor doubled-down on the questionable design strategy.

“Let’s say you’re a designer, and you’re feeling proud of your work, so you share a Figma board with your mom. We want to make it so that when she even opens her email, her seat gets added to your account.”

They continued, “We’re also experimenting with really tiny fonts on our true up emails which should prevent account admins from pruning off any of these inadvertently added seats.”