In the words of Willie Nelson, it was a “Bloody Mary Morning” at the DFW airport on Monday.

On a Delta flight from Dallas to Jacksonville, a 43-year old flight attendant intentionally emptied a bottle of Zing Zang bloody mary mix onto the bare feet of a non-complying passenger who refused to put his shoes on, even after several requests by neighboring passengers and the flight crew.

Apparently frustrated with the man’s blatant disregard, Sheila Baker—a Delta veteran of nearly 13 years—decided to take matters into her own hands…which she promptly poured all over the unruly passenger’s disgusting bunions.

In a statement released Tuesday morning, Delta sided with their employee, quipping, “Dogs in the aisle are reserved for weddings where they wear those little tuxedos.” 

In a follow-up statement, Delta clarified, “jk, jk, dogs are welcome on Delta flights regardless of the occasion, but they’re not allowed in the aisles once the aircraft has departed. And neither are bare feet.”