A dentist’s office in Columbus, Ohio raised some eyebrows Monday when the brand deployed a Meta platform campaign aimed at celebrating Juneteeth (sic).

“Remember, June is teeth month, so don’t forget to brush twice a day for as long it takes to sing ‘Happy Birthday,’ and floss daily. That’ll ensure a healthy #Juneteeth month, and a BLISSful Julyteeth! #Juneteeth” the paid Instagram post from Bliss Dentistry read.

Meta users were quick to point out the flub, with one respondent simply citing the Wikipedia page for Junteenth.

“Our deepest apologies for the mixup. We simply got confused, and are excited to learn more about the all-important Juneteenth holiday,” Bliss wrote later on Instagram.

“We very much look forward to righting this wrong with a blow-out ad campaign to celebrate Columbus Day in October! Go Chris!” Bliss added.