A graphic design project that started in the late ‘90s appears to finally be heading toward approval.

The branding project for the dot com era startup NSYNC-icons.com passed through several hands before ultimately landing on the desk of gifted Tilted Chair designer Michaela Bollinger.

“This is a legacy project, for sure. I wasn’t even born when this project started, and frankly, I had to look up NSYNC on Wikipedia.”

The client, wrestling superstar John Cena, says the website will be used to showcase his one-of-a-kind NSYNC memorabilia collection.

“I was NSYNC-obsessed back in the day, and I acquired some real treasures while following those guys around the country on their first tour. For a collection like that, the logo had to be just right.”

Cena said he plans to get pins, posters, and custom NSYNC mix CD covers printed with the new logo applied.