Henry Darby, a junior at the University of Texas at Austin, landed his dream summer internship at the Firestone & Robertson distillery in Fort Worth, TX, in early May. With experience in graphic design and print production, Darby quickly assumed the responsibility of creating a new logo for the brand’s “TX Whiskey,” intended to grace 10,000 whiskey bottles. Throughout his workdays, Darby, a self-described “mega fan” of Chris Stapleton, found comfort in Stapleton’s soothingly southern sound he was introduced to by his roommate the previous semester. The dental hygienist who shared a wall with Darby during the summer took note of his daily “at least six-hour” Stapleton music marathons.

So, as you savor a glass of TN Whiskey this fall, the company kindly requests that you, “please, please, please,” envision it adorned with the label “TX Whiskey.” When asked about his accidental rebrand and future employment plans, Darby simply replied, “I don’t have a concrete plan, but I’ve reached my limit with this town.”