Tired of stumbling upon the perfect pair of Levis while thrift shopping, only to discover they were produced after 2001? Disappointed by the lack of grainy aesthetics in your disposable camera photos? Want AirPods to resemble a Walkman? Care/of understands your frustration. Their newest supplement is headed to market this Summer: the Time Capsule.

During our Zoom call with Ryan Howell, Care/of’s social media manager, dressed in dad shorts, New Balance sneakers, and a fanny pack, she mentioned that she had been taking the supplement for a month and a half.

Howell noted that the effects were making her see the world in a whole new way. Literally. She expressed her anticipation for her generation to finally “Step into a world where captivating sepia tones and whimsical streaks of light add a touch of magic to everyday experiences.” When asked about her favorite aspect, she took a thoughtful sip from her cup labeled “matcha latte oat” in Sharpie and replied, “Hmm… probably the vintage crackle added throughout my playlist. Biiiiig slay.”

“When we created the Time Capsule, our goal was to transport our customers to new realms through transformative experiences,” explained Dr. Throwback, Chief Scientist at Care/of. “With this innovative product, we reshape reality to infuse the modern world with a touch of vintage charm.”

The online response? One tweet reads, “You’re doing God’s work. No cap.” Another, “A supplement that makes life look old school? SAY LESS.”