Reserve Austin FC player Killian Hunter missed the entire second half of a game vs Sporting KC when an intermission snooze on a promotional mattress turned into a full-on REM slumber.

The back-up striker, who is also a verified member of the Order of Nappers, fell asleep not long after entering the locker room during halftime of the contest on Saturday night. The mattress, provided by Texas-based Milton Sleep Company, was there as part of a promotional collaboration with the Central Texas MLS team.

Austin FC Head Coach Josh Wolff wasn’t happy about the snafu, but said he couldn’t bring himself to rouse the young footballer.

“He was just so peaceful, you know? He got into rapid eye movement really fast, I mean he was ZONKED.

And have you ever laid on a Milton mattress? They’re fantastic.”

When reminded that Hunter was unavailable to relieve Austin FC star Sebastián Driussi late in the second half, Wolff dismissed the concern.

“What do you want me to do, the guy was sleeping? And honestly, it was KC, we should be able to beat them in our sleep anyway.”

Hunter wasn’t made available to the media post-match, presumably because he still hadn’t woken up yet.