Over the weekend, an Instagram account associated with Levi’s posted what appeared to be a nude robot selfie to the Meta-owned platform.

A representative for Levi’s acknowledged that the marketing team had been experimenting with AI-generated social media content, which was originally reported by The Guardian.

“We’re really trying to broaden our appeal as a brand, and AI has made that possible. We’re early though, so it’s not without it kinks.”

The photo, sandwiched between a post about 501s and another promoting the Canadian tuxedo, appeared to have been an OnlyFans promotion intended for Reddit.

“Join me on OnlyFans for some steamy action. Today only, get 20% off my OF, use code 01010010 01000101 01000100 01000100 01001001 01010100 00110010 00110000 00001010 at checkout,” a caption on the lewd photo read.

The post was quickly deleted, but captured and ultimately circulated by several users on Twitter.

When asked why Levi’s AI social media bot also had an OnlyFans account, the Levi’s spokesperson made no additional comment.