After yet another banking scandal, the marketing team at Wells Fargo opted to adapt its “Re-Established 2018” advertising campaign and just change the year instead of coming up with new creative.

“Customers really responded to the five-year-old campaign, and so we didn’t want to stray too far from that successful marketing formula,” said Wells Fargo CMO Chester Williams.

When asked what the company was doing differently after yet another customer account fraud scandal, Mr. Williams was quick to change the subject.

“The other beautiful thing about simply revising the Re-Established campaign is that the title cards still work nicely. Our original agency was prescient enough to leave room to add another ‘Re-’ before ‘Re-Established…’ in the original bumper, and so we barely even had to open up After Effects.”

When pushed on the status of the bank’s much-needed corporate reforms, Mr. Williams began simulating the sound of static and pretending the signal was breaking up, apparently forgetting momentarily that the interview was taking place on Zoom with video enabled.